Short Duration Corporate Credit through Trade Finance


Trafaltin is a company that combines long term financial sector experience with a responsible and cutting edge business approach.
Global Business
Trade Finance facilitates business across the world through large networks of international banks. We are keen to engage with globally operating teams throughout the world.
We commit to act on environmental, social and governance objectives and opportunities and encourage and strive for positive impact.
Trafaltin BV is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Trade Finance


Trade finance is the oldest form of financing and is vital to the global economy. It facilitates business to business trade in goods and services between exporters and importers.

Global banks are best in class in providing trade finance due to the depth and the breath of their global footprint. For credit investors, investing in trade finance and trade receivables could represent:

A source of alpha with very low correlation to public fixed income and credit markets;
Returns determined by a floating rate benchmark (i.e. libor) plus a credit margin;
Short duration returns due to very short tenors (30 - 360 days);
Short duration returns due to floating rate pricing;
A very scalable investment opportunity;
A means to obtain returns from a diversified portfolio;
A means to make a responsible credit investment that complies with stringent ESG criteria.

The low credit-loss characteristics of Trade Finance are illustrated by the ICC Trade Register. This database contains historic Trade Finance credit performance data from 25 participating banks, more than 20 million transactions and more than 11 USD trillion exposure.

To download the ICC Trade Register click here.

Our Team


Albert Rengers

Albert graduated from Erasmus University of Rotterdam with a MSc degree in Economics and Finance in 1989 and developed a career in global banking working in Singapore, London and Amsterdam. He held jobs as a product specialist and team manager at ABN AMRO as Head of Project Finance Asia for Power and Infrastructure (1996 – 2001), European Head of Syndication, Leveraged Finance Europe (2001 – 2004), Global Head Equity Syndication Principal and Infrastructure Capital (2005-2008), Senior Vice President Structured Finance Origination and Execution (2009), Managing Director and Global Head Principal Finance, Energy, Commodities and Transportation (2010 – 2014). Albert is Principal and co-founder of Trafaltin.


Matthijs Rameckers

Matthijs graduated from Maastricht University with a MSc degree in Business Administration, and from Universidade de Lisboa with a Master of Management degree in 2014. Having specialized in Strategy and Innovation Matthijs has helped to develop the business proposition and works on business development. Matthijs is a co-founding Team Member of Trafaltin.


Bert Hof

Bert graduated from University of Groningen with an MSc Degree in Physics (1986), after which he obtained his PhD in Mathematical Physics (1991) from the same university. Having first spent six years researching and teaching at top academic institutions in Europe, Canada and the USA, he has since held various Risk Management positions at Atradius between 1997 and 2017 including Senior Analyst for Group Risk Management (1997 - 2004), Deputy Director Group Risk Management (2004 - 2010), and most recently as Head of Group Provisioning (2010 - 2017). Bert is Head of Risk Management at Trafaltin.


Stef Merckx

Stef graduated from Tilburg University with an MSc Degree in Law in 1989 and developed a career in global transaction banking, working internationally across Europe, North- and South America for ABN AMRO and later RBS. Stef serves as Head of Financial Institutions Europe-Middle East with Lloyds Bank in London, where he covers the banks in the regions with a focus on expanding the trade finance franchise and originating new trade business for the bank. Stef Merckx is an experienced Trade Financier and investor in Trafaltin BV.


Piet Roelandt

Piet graduated from Erasmus University of Rotterdam in 1988 and has since developed an extensive career in portfolio and investment management for institutional investors. Between 2000 and 2016 he held positions as Chief Investment Officer, first at PGGM and later at Shell Asset Management Company (SAMCo). He currently serves on multiple Dutch pension fund advisory committees. Piet is a member of the Trafaltin Responsible Investment Advisory Committee.

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